5 Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement

5 Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement

 1st Jun 2016


While there are many job seekers out there, the consistent complaint coming back from companies is how few decent candidates there are to choose from. Is this simply a case of the candidates not having the right attitude or skills, or could companies be doing more, showcasing themselves better to attract better candidates? Here are five considerations for companies to attract quality candidates:       

1.    Explain your Company vision:

Today money is rarely the swing vote when deciding on a new job. Rather the priority is often considering how the job and company can help the candidate further their own career. When you share the company vision you invite the candidate to be part of that dream. By painting a good picture of where you’ve come from and where you’re going, they get an understanding of your passion, history and company culture. It makes it easier for them to see how they would fit in and how they could contribute to the growth of the company. Recruitment is about matching more than just skills, it takes into consideration personality, attitudes, work ethic and the ability to work as part of a team or think creatively. When you share your company vision it enables the candidate to decide if they can see themselves working and growing within the company. 

2.    Treat each candidate as a valued customer

Candidates are not just prospective employees. They have just as much ability to generate good or bad press as customers do, through their interview experience with you. Treat them well. Provide feedback on how they fared in the interview. Even if they aren’t the right fit for your company give them pointers on how they could improve. Maybe they need more experience in a certain area, perhaps they are lacking some critical skills. Providing this feedback gives them something to work with so that next time they may be more successful with their application. Encourage them because even if they don’t get the job they will still have had a good experience with your company. When they speak about it with friends it will be more likely in a positive way which serves to reinforce a positive image of your company.

3.    Keep engaging with candidates at every stage

Where companies often fail is that they simply leave candidates hanging. Many don’t even bother to do rejections. It’s not uncommon for a job to be advertised where it’s stated: “If you haven’t heard from us within 2 weeks consider your application unsuccessful.” This is not the type of approach that will attract quality candidates. Companies would do better to keep candidates in the loop. Engage with them, even if it’s an auto-response for the initial application submission. At least they know that their CV has been received and they understand what the next steps are in the process. 

4.    Send personalized correspondence

People hate being just another number or candidate, they want to feel valued. One of the easiest ways to do that is to address them by name in correspondence. Additionally, take note of what interests they have listed on their CV. What sports team do they support? Do they have family or creative interests? When interviewing them you can use this information to learn more about them. When you take an active interest in people and the things they love, they tend to open up more and share more about themselves. Skills may be listed in a CV, but personality and attitudes come out more in conversation. People are more relaxed when you’ve shown an interest in what’s important to them. 

5.    Be the company people want to work for

Companies sometimes mistakenly believe that they hold all the cards because they’re hiring and paying the salaries. However, wouldn’t it be great to choose form several great candidates all eager to work for you rather than settle for the only one who applied with the right skills? To attract good people you need to think of ways to demonstrate why your company is a great place to work. Some companies offer a free juice or coffee bar, they have a crèche and play centre for young kids so that mothers don’t have to be away from their children all day. Flexi-hours are becoming increasingly popular. In creative fields, some businesses have games or chill lounges where employees can relax and spark their creative talents. Create a point of difference, something that will make people want to work for your company and share it so that news gets out to attract more great candidates.

Hiring candidates involves as much selling for candidates as companies. A company that shares its vision, treats candidates well, communicates with them and engages with them, becomes the company people want to work for. Do this and you’ll get to choose from the best candidates to grow your business. 



Great blog Richard, it's given me lots of food for thought as I start to write my next job description. Thanks for posting.
Posted on Friday, June 10, 2016 11:29 by leon coppola
apologies - meant to say: to ensure that their recruitment efforts are improved in order to achieve successful candidate attraction and more importantly employee retention.
Posted on Wednesday, June 08, 2016 15:16 by Rachel Wade, Opt HR
Fantastic blog Richard, it would be great if we could influence hiring managers to think in this way to ensure that their recruitment efforts in order to achieve successful candidate attraction and more importantly employee retention. I look forward to reading your future blog posts.
Posted on Wednesday, June 08, 2016 15:13 by Rachel Wade

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