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5 Things You Should Do For Your Recruiter

 29th Nov 2016

5 Things You Should Do For Your Recruiter

Recently, we posted an article discussing what your recruiter should be doing for you. In this article, we look at your role in the relationship with your recruiter.

Ultimately, you and your recruiter should be on the same team: you are looking for the perfect next role, and your recruiter wants to find that for you – after all, it’s how we earn our living! As a result, recruiters are invested in making sure you secure the right role. If the new job doesn’t suit, you’ll resign from it. This leaves you without a job and leaves your recruiter out of pocket and potentially damaging their relationship with their client. So, it’s in everyone’s interest to make sure the relationship between recruiter and candidate is a symbiotic one, and as the candidate, you also have a part to play:


Your recruiter is in the perfect position to advise you on how to make your CV stand out and how to present yourself at interview. Remember, they know the client better than you, they will know which aspects of your experience will be of most interest to the client, so during an interview, you want to make sure you showcase those. Your recruiter will do their best to prepare you for the interview, so it’s up to you to take heed.

Be honest:

Your CV should accurately reflect the skills and experience you have gained over the years. Exaggerations and embellishments may well catch you out during a behavioural  interview. If your CV is discovered to be less than truthful, it’s unlikely your recruiter will risk their reputation by putting you in front of their client.

Provide feedback:

After attending an interview, call your recruiter and tell them what you thought of the role, of the company and how the interview went. Your thoughts will give your recruiter more information to work from, so that even if this one wasn’t right for you, they will have a better idea of what you’re looking for. If it all went well, a swift positive response from you will go down well with the company. If you want that job, phone your recruiter and tell them immediately, because if the client wants you, they’ll be quickly on the phone to your recruiter and you want them to know how positive you are. It’s a great basis for your new working relationship!

Be realistic:

Salary expectations should be realistic – your CV will give away roughly what you’re currently earning - recruiters see enough CVs to be able to gauge it! Additionally, be realistic with yourself. Before you say yes to an interview or a job, think about the locations that are workable for you and to the office hours involved. It’s a waste of everyone’s time for you to attend an interview and then decide it’s too far away. Not wanting a job because you felt the company ethos wasn’t for you is one thing, but to attend the interview and then deciding it’s too far away is frustrating for your recruiter – especially when they told you at the start that it would mean an hour’s commute each way.

Stay in touch:

These days, recruiters are looking to build long-term relationships with their candidates, so if you find a new role, tell your recruiter. They will make a note, but don’t be surprised if they keep in touch every now and then because as we all know, situations change! If you’ve been on a job search journey with your recruiter, then they’ll already have an idea of the types of environments and roles that will suit you. Why start that process over again when you want to move on?

If you’re looking for your next move and would like a recruiter who will stay with you for the journey, get in touch with Quorum People today. We’re here to help you navigate the job search.


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