Tempting Top Talent

Tempting Top Talent

 17th Jan 2017

Tempting Top Talent

The UK employment rate for men and women aged 16 to 64 is currently running at a joint record high of 74.5% (July – Sept 2016). The effect of this on the job market has been to make attracting and securing top talent, particularly in areas suffering from a shortage of qualified individuals, more of a challenge than ever. In short, we’re now in a candidate’s marketplace. So, as an employer, how do you go about attracting the talent you need to keep your business moving forward?

Companies now have to work much harder at selling themselves to candidates and having a savvy corporate brand is key to success in this area. A company brand should be designed with a view to three key areas:

  1. Presenting an attractive working environment in order to attract new talent. With the competition for the best people fierce, your brand should be aspirational: talent should seek you out and want to work with you.
  2. Your company should deliver a culture that encourages talent retention. Retention is distinctly less expensive than recruitment, better for productivity and better for morale. A business needs to keep the talent it values.
  3. Attract clients whose own values align with your own. Companies like to be seen to do business with ‘upstanding’ companies.

So, how do you go about ensuring your brand is up to the mark?

  1. Identify your target audience and understand the motivations driving them in their professional careers. Incorporate this into your people strategy.
  2. Understand how your company is currently perceived by current employees, customers and your target talent market.
  3. Define the values your business operates on and identify the aspects of your company’s culture that distinguishes you from your competitors. You need qualities and attributes that allow your company to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Have a clear strategy when it comes to staff engagement. This may be centred around a strong training and development programme, incentives packages, flexibility in working hours, locations, times, etc. A company that demonstrates its commitment to staff so the relationship is perceived to be one of reciprocal value is likely to be more successful in the retention and attraction of talent.
  5. Ensure communications, both internal and external, reflect the brand image.
  6. Introduce a system whereby there is constant monitoring of perception of the brand to ensure the message remains on track.

Clearly, HR and PR/Marketing play key roles in the development, implementation and on-going success of the corporate brand. However, to be truly successful the roots must go deeper. Ultimately, your current staff members are a constant example of your brand; it is they who present your brand ‘at the coal face’ and therefore, they should not only understand the message you’re trying to convey but should also be committed to it. As a result, it is imperative that your corporate brand resonates with them.

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Excellent tips, Total Quality Management plays a big part in becoming a successful business .
Posted on Friday, January 27, 2017 19:47 by Anjana Biddle

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