Employer Branding – What Does It Mean & Why Does It Matter?

Employer Branding – What Does It Mean & Why Does It Matter?

 27th Oct 2017

Employer Branding – What Does It Mean & Why Does It Matter?


Branding is a topic close to our hearts and rather on our minds here, having recently rebranded from Quorum People to QPLtalent. But what do we really mean by ‘employer branding’ and why does it really matter?

Employer Branding is about taking company branding and considering how it impacts your company’s appeal to job seekers. Clearly then, branding is more than simply a logo, headed paper and a uniformity of email signatures. Your branding needs to contain the essence of what your company stands for. Communicating that message effectively is a key ingredient to the success, visibility and appeal of your company.


Ultimately, a good brand attracts top talent. In the ideal world, top talent wants to work for you! Top talent has already heard about you, has a solid idea of the company culture and ethos, values and beliefs and top talent believes those values align with their own. Positive Employer Branding means your company is one that top talent aspires to work with and once they’ve bought into it, they’re more likely to remain. This has the obvious double-edged bonus: top talent recruited for you means the competition didn’t get them, and retention, rather than cyclical recruit-train-exit which is costly and time-consuming.

Clearly then, achieving aspirational status involves creating a legendary brand, and this cannot be achieved through letterheads and logos alone. In order for Employer Branding to take root, the brand has to be stamped through the middle, like a stick of rock, from the ground level right up to the top. This means your existing staff has to understand the company’s message, buy into it and disseminate it.

As a result, employer branding requires a holistic approach; it cannot simply be tasked to the Human Resources department. Each department, particularly Sales & Marketing, plays a part and all staff members have a role as Brand Ambassadors, disseminating the brand wherever they go. Sound like a big job? It is! Get started by determining the typical characteristics of your current staff. Ask them for their perceptions of the company brand as it stands today. Ask them what changes they would like to see in the way the company works – this will also give you a firm idea of what it will take to retain your current employees as well as helping you define your brand!

Next, determine what makes your company unique within your industry sector. Look at your competitors and form an understanding of what works, or what doesn’t work for them. Find ways to incorporate that knowledge into your own brand identity so that it works for you.

Employer branding needs to be built into the lifecycle of the employee – investment in your staff’s training and development, a celebration of successes, being active in the local business community, promoting awards such as Top Employer in your region, or affiliate with organisations where the company can achieve top billing as a provider or member. Build your reputation within your community, and more local top talent will find its way to you.

Once you have determined the message you want to convey, put a roll-out plan together and begin your journey to affirmative branding. Constant monitoring will help keep your brand on track. Additionally, it will flag up warning signs as to when aspirations shift and will allow you to incorporate measures accordingly, in line with your message. Strong ethics coupled with agility will ensure your Employer Brand will tempt the best and the brightest through your doors – and keep them there.

QPLtalent provides temporary, contract and permanent staff to the Finance and Human Resources sectors. To discuss your requirements or for help with your recruitment, get in touch on 024 7699 2004.



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