CV Tips

CV Tips

Having worked with thousands of candidates over the years we know there are lots of opinions as to what makes a great CV. We view recruitment slightly differently if you are one of five we want your CV to be the one that sticks out.

As a professional experienced recruiter dealing with Accountancy and Finance clients daily we would suggest the following format for your CV.

Personal Details

Home number
Mobile number
Email address

Key Achievements 

We would recommend you think about 3 key things you have achieved in your career, we tend to think about situations where what you have done has either saved money, made money or improved efficiencies 

Professional Qualifications i.e

ACA/ACCA (first time passes)
AAT (passed technician level)

Academic Qualifications i.e

BSc Mathematics - First class - Loughborough University
A Levels - Mathematics A, English Language A, German B
GCSE's - Mathematics A, English Language A, English Literature B, German A, French B

Career History

Company name (it helps to include turnover and industry)
June 2005 - Present
Job Title

At this point please we are not after war and peace but merely bullet points of what you do, start with any specific achievements, your areas of responsibility, who you report to, detail any special projects that you have been involved with

Follow this process for all your previous roles.

Hobbies & Interests

It is always useful to detail any hobbies, interests, and personal achievements