Interview Preperation

What to do before your Interview

We believe that the key to a great interview lies in the preparation, and often poor preparation can be the undoing of an interview.

As with your CV, it is very important that you stand out from the other candidates that are in the frame for the job and that can be 2 or 3 other people. You want to leave them asking how they have coped without you so far.

How can you do this?

Information is key to this you, want to find out as much as possible about:(we will help you with this)

The company e.g. When it started? By who? last annual accounts?

The business structure, the size of the team and where you would fit in.

We will have provided you with a full brief on the role you have applied for but it is always good, once you have had a read through it, to give us a call to clarify your understanding before the interview.

Dress code:

You will create an impression within the first few seconds of meeting your interviewer and what you are wearing will play a major part of how the interview will play out and as a professional, this tends to mean smart business dress.

Clean shoes and being well kept will give the impression of pride in yourself and therefore what you do. Get this part right and you are half way there, get it wrong and you may find the interview will crash and burn. We will advise per client as we know everyone is different and we want you to have the best chance.

Leaving for the interview.

Make sure you check the route and get the correct navigation postcode if using satnav.

Aim to arrive 10 minutes early, giving yourself extra time for traffic delays and parking. (check if payment needed)