Client Promise


QPLtalent pride ourselves in delivering a recruitment service that is designed around each clients individual finance needs.

What you can expect from us at all times is this:

  1. All terms and Conditions and charge rates will be agreed before we work on any finance vacancies.  
  2. We take time to understand you, your business, and finance depaertment, working in conjunction with your recruitment strategy and not compete
  3. We take a detailed job briefing, including personality fit, as we believe when hiring key finance professionals we are matching more than just skills
  4. We will screen and interview all candidates before submission to you.
  5. Submit up to 5 quality CV’s for every finance vacancy
  6. We provide honest consultative advice based on our experience of the finance market, against your expectations.
  7. Keep you informed at every step on the recruitment project and respond promptly to any communication from you.
  8. Select candidates based on our pre-agreed criteria short listing to 5 CV’s
  9. Market your business as an employer of choice to our candidates in a professional manner.

What we expect in return

That you work with us during any project within the spirit of a partnership